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Tim has always been interested in people and how we change and manipulate the space around us.

Having studied archaeology at university and learning all about the different ways humans have interacted with their permanent surroundings since the Neolithic age Tim thought the next most logical step to carrying this forward would be to become a portrait and interiors photographer! The classic archaeologist to photographer path.

Tim was fortunate enough to assist some great photographers for almost 6 years in every field from high end fashion to still life, extensive interiors shoots and many celebrity portraits and advertising campaigns. With these fundamentals Tim has taken all those years of learning from others and has translated that into shooting successfully for himself and gaining a solid client base over the last couple of years.

Client List

  • Next
  • Tesco
  • Huawei
  • Beats By Dre
  • Fendi
  • Spanish Glamour
  • Zinc Textile
  • Amode
  • PPL
  • Matches
  • ES Magazine
  • YOU Magazine
  • Evening Standard
  • Metro
  • Marie Claire